Monday, April 13, 2015


Our seasonal work is at an end and the push was on last week—in more than just the office.  Last July we had work done to the foundation in the front of our house.  In the process they had to tear down our ivy which covered much of the front.  Since then the house has looked bare and drab.  We finally bought Japanese Box Woods to grow into a hedge across the front and a pomegranate tree for the corner of the house.  At the same time I bought flats of herbs for the garden in back.  They have all been sitting on the patio for almost two weeks and being watered every evening.  Well, that couldn’t continue!

We started Saturday morning by setting in the hedge across the front and the tree on the corner, all with new Miracle Grow soil in the beds and lots of TLC.  After a rest and lunch of leftover chicken salad on greens, we tackled the back garden.  Weeding, raking, mixing in new soil and planting rosemary, basil, thyme, cilantro, spearmint, and oregano turned this…

Into this.  (The strawberries in the back are in their second year and sprouting dozens of berries.  Yippee!!)

The oregano across the front is from last year and the open area is for another large rosemary plant.  You can also see Dino the dinosaur protecting the garden.  He is a gift from grandson Christian.

Whew!  All this and I finished another pair of socks.  These are knit with Knit Picks Gloss and feel like silk on my feet.  They are another pair of my contrast heel and toe socks.

The pair currently on needles are hot pink sock yarn and will be all one color—unless I get bored and give in to that purple yarn I have in stash that keeps telling me it needs some hot pink yarn to be happy.

Macy and Max are doing what they do best.

Life is good!