Thursday, May 14, 2015

Terrific Day

As usual Mother’s Day was not on Mother’s Day with our clan.  We all met for dinner on Friday evening before two set out for Thailand, two to Las Vegas, one to take finals for his Master’s Degree, and one to work at 1:00 am through the weekend.  I tell you, it is catch as catch can with our family!  It was a wonderful diner of taquitos, taco salad and fried avocado which I had not had before.  The hot sauce flowed and the beer and wine were plentiful.  I feel loved!

Other events made me feel special this week.   Nurse/photographer son joined me on the patio to take pictures of the flocking birds at our feeders.  He spotted a Dickcissel when I heard it singing a pretty song and set up his scope and camera.  The pictures are a bit blurred because it was raining—pouring actually.  His camera is amazing because the bird was at least 100 yards away, across the field behind our house.

While he was setting up the camera I casually mentioned the Hummingbird above his head at the patio feeder.  We have had a lot of Rufous Hummies but no Ruby-Throated yet.  I report my sightings to Journey North and it is fun to watch where the little 2g birdies are showing up.

Knitting slowed down this week due to a big work project, but I started the last sleeve on my summer pullover.  I also started a new light-weight cardigan in a color I call orange but DH says is peach.  Whichever--it is pretty.  All the baby things that were ready were mailed in time for the shower but there is still a baby sweater in the works.
I usually put two afghans over our bed to protect the duvet cover from the hair of the two fur-babies.  It does, however, give them the feeling that the bed is THEIRS.  When we go to bed at night it is lucky for us they are both so soundly asleep that we can do pretty much anything with them and they don’t even know it.  Two dogs—foot of the bed!
Life is good.